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How a WiFi And Bluetooth Jammer Works
7 months ago

The latest craze amongst security enthusiasts is WiFi and Bluetooth Jammer devices. You've seen them everywhere - from home to work, the car, and even on the road. A WiFi jammer works similarly to a security guard's booth at a crowded airport - it prevents you from connecting to the internet. For those who use public WiFi hot spots, a portable one would be a good investment because it prevents other users from accessing your personal hotspots.

The WiFi Jammer by Colibri is a small portable jamming device usually designed to prevent access to secured wireless networks, prevent wireless data theft, or inhibit wireless communication. It connects to the public networks by hijacking the unprotected radiofrequency. Its power source is typically the standard USB port. To perform the aforementioned operations, the device must be within range of the public network. The device scans the frequency and modifies the frequency with a specified ID.



This device here can either be used as a stand-alone unit or installed with an actual software program. While stand-alone, this summer restricts all activities except those specifically allowed by the owner. A software program, on the other hand, allows the authorized use of the device and monitors any changes made to the frequency. When unauthorized activities are detected, the software redirects the user to the company website to seek further information.



While the device may prevent others from gaining access to your internet, it does little to protect yourself. For instance, it will not prevent a stranger from obtaining information from your laptop or tablet. Likewise, it cannot prevent malicious computer code from installing itself on your device or changing the browser settings. In essence, you are only protected from external threats. Click here for more to get a general overview of the topic here.



So if you have a small notebook or smartphone that you would like to keep safe, a jammer will likely be a great investment. You can find a variety of devices at affordable prices, and you will feel safe knowing that it will block other people from accessing your device without your knowledge. You can choose a simple model to prevent others from tampering with your radio waves or opt for more advanced security measures that include smartcards, biometrics, proximity cards, and more.



To learn more about these devices and how to protect yourself and your belongings, check out Smartwire's website. There you can read a wealth of information about this exciting product. Be sure to take advantage of our free monthly security updates that let you keep up with the latest security advancements. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to stay secure and enjoy your home or business. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_jamming.

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